Project Akira on its way


I grew up in a time were Japanese anime was hardly as well known as it is today, there were some absolutely stunning films at the time - Wicked City, Ninja scroll, Legend of the Overfiend, Fist of the North Star and Perfect Blue are just of the few that come to mind.

Before I go any further, I would just like to mention Manga had THE definitive intro for any company, hard metal riff with the immortal “huh” thrown in, I would rewind the VHS tape back so many times just to hear that tune, hear it for yourself below and tell me I’m wrong

Back on topic, there was that one film that stood out from the rest, And I am of course talking about the immortal Akira based on the graphic novel by Katsuhiro Otomo.

Not only a master class in story telling but the style, design and the film itself pushed the genre to the next level, with a huge budget of $10,000,000 at the time, coming in at just over twice the amount of single shots used (160,000!) and having colours created just for the film itself, it shows when creative passion is allowed free, just what can be accomplished.

if you have not seen it yet, in a nut shell, the story is that the Japanese government drops a nuke on Tokyo to stop an experiment that went a tad wrong. 31 years after, (and the awesome hu hu eee huh intro) our iconic bike gang leader Kaneda, tries to save his friend, Tetsuo, from a secret government project that triggers a transformation into absolute power, my god, seriously, if you haven’t seen it - stop reading this and get it watched now!


I could write forever on Akira, and i might start a blog on my favourite films that have influenced me, there’s so much to talk about and get excited with, not just about the story but on a technical level too, but I must keep it short (my passion for early manga and lengthy discussions are well known) and get to what this blog is actually about . I will do a full feature soon though - promise!

What started as a message from the guy i’m having my tattoos done with (huge shoutout to Mr Moat and Identity Tattoo’s in sunny old bridlington ) has now turned into a flurry of ideas and creative projects that are now in the pipeline as part of my new show reel and portfolio that is coming up. A spark was most definitely lit!

I am hugely stoked about this creative journey and will be blogging on everything thats going on, from the planning to the creating, its all very exciting.

Lately I realised that i have been unintentionally restricting myself creatively and decided i want do projects that mean something to me but at the same time will show potential clients what i can do (as time unfortunately is money) Project Akira is exactly that, mixing art, photography and film together that will hopefully bring something wonderful to you all.

The Akira project has begun. Good for health. Bad for education.